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Help for Victims of Identity Theft

woman worrying over billsBecoming an identity theft victim can be a complicated and frustrating time in your life. You may experience anger, fear and helplessness. These are normal reactions for people impacted by crime.  If your feelings begin to interfere with your sleep, relationships or day to day activities you may want to seek counseling to assist you through this difficult time. Even though it may take time to unravel and clean up the damage this crime has caused for you, it’s important to remember to take time and continue to do the things you enjoy and surround yourself with supportive people.

A victim advocate may be able to help you. See our Resource Map to find support and other resources in your state.

Step-by-step recovery instructions are available:

Online Self-Help Forms may make recovery smoother in cases of financial identity theft. Do you need help writing a letter to a creditor, debt collector, or credit bureau to notify them of the identity theft? An online avatar can walk you through this process. Letters can then be printed & mailed.